Bistro Catering

Fruit Bowl
Seasonal fresh mix of berries and grapes.
Small Bowl 10-12p: $32.99; Medium Bowl 15-18p $42.99;
Large Bowl 20-25p: $52.99

Signature House Salad
Organic mixed field greens, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes,
red peppers, purple cabbage, red onion, carrots and
cranberries: served with buttermilk ranch and balsamic
Small Salad 10-12p: $38.99; Medium Salad 15-18p: $48.99;
Large Salad 20-25p: $58.99

 Bistro Sandwich Platter

Herb Roasted Turkey with Pesto on Sourdough with
cheddar cheese & field mixed greens with fresh
tomatoes. Chicken Cranberry-Walnut Salad on Croissant
with chipotle remoulade, field greens and fresh tomatoes.
Served with Pickles.
Small Platter 10-12p: $49.99; Medium Platter 15 - 18p:
$62.99; Large Platter 20-25p: $75.99

 Large Muffins and Scone Platter

Delicious and freshly baked seasonal scones and
muffins. 10-12p: $42.99; 15-18p: $58.99; 20-25p: $79.99

 Assorted Cookie Platter

Delicious freshly baked chunky chocolate chip, sea salt
caramel toffee, lemon raspberry jammi's & almond
amaretto jammi's. Small Platter 10-12p: $48.99; Medium
Platter 15-18p $59.99; Large Platter 20-25p: $69.99